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Popwash Laundry


Popwash Laundry

Project Goals
Popwash had previously engaged a contractor to build a website to run their fluff-and-fold laundry service. The web app managed accepting orders and managing driver deliveries to customers. The site had a number of errors and missing features that made scaling difficult as more errors piled up. Laundry was being mis-delivered and customers were frustrated with errant UX issues. Our goal was to fix these errors and provide some enhancements to alleviate costly errors and improve the customer’s experience.


Our Solution
The first was to put the codebase under version control. It was previously managed by a single engineer with no tracking of updates, which lead to wack-a-mole errors that couldn’t be traced. Putting the codebase under version control allowed for a team of engineers to sanely work on it. Once that was under control we got to the task of reproducing and squashing UX and backend bugs that had plagued the system for years.


Being a highly trafficked application, the effect of the fixes was immediately felt. A vast reduction in bugs and complaints lead to happier customers, and ultimately a happy client. They were able to increase the number of orders they processed per day, while reducing the amount of time spent on customer service to correct the errors that frequently popped up.


Our main goal was to build an easy to manage cms portfolio website.

  • Date

    Mar 23, 2020

  • Skills

    Wordpress, Mobile App

  • Client

    Popwash Laundry

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